Humanity Reigns Supreme

Last week, a chilling post was put up on a local community Facebook group:

My daughter and i witnessed something very  horrifying today on blvd sources close to station 4 today . 

A young teenager getting beat almost to death today around 5:30 pm by multiple kids to the point the boy couldn’t talk or give us his name .arm looked broke face so blue and black and bloody  . My daughter put her car in the middle of the street to try to stop the assholes who were honking because of traffic and didnt realize there was a boy drug to the middle of the blvd laying there beaten !!! We stayed until police and ambulance came . we are still very upset as we dont know the boys name or family ( 13-16) years old maybe ?? If anyone knows who this kid is …could you pm me . we wanted to help him more .kept talking to him ..but he couldnt speak to us back 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢really want to reach out to his family . TO THE PEOPLE WHO BEAT HIM …..GOD WILL PUNISH YOU .KARMA IS A BITCH. Very sick to my stomach. 

Wishing and hoping this kid is going to be okay . prayers for him and his family !!!!!

As a mother, as a human, my stomach churned to think about what had happened. Besides the fact that it was within walking distance of my home, this incident drives home how evil can rear its head at any time.

There was an update to the post, after hundreds of people posted in reply:


Again, hundreds reached out to react in kind.

And then, another post this weekend:

UPDATE #2. My daughter and i are so overwhelmed with all the posts !!! We read them all . So many have personal messaged me . Thank you for all the kind words.  I just want to let you all know that for privacy reasons ALL OF OUR questions and concerns can not be answered on” WIC”. Our main concern was this boys state of health and well being !!!! Needless to say WEST ISLAND COMMUNITY I AM SO PROUD OF ALL OF US CARING ABOUT THIS BOY ! I tried today to drop something off at The police station to give to him ( card &teddy). It was denied at this moment but i will get a call to make an appointment to drop it off to the police for it to get to him properly and verified (everything has a protocol 💝💝💝) i just want him to know we are all praying and thinking of him .I really want his family to see how involved our community got over his traumatic situation !! AND HOW MUCH WE CARE !!!

 SUNDAY FEB 28 at 2pm until 4pm my daughter and i will be at the Desjardins Bank 4101sources blvd /  sunnydale parkinglot on sources blvd with a plastic bin to collect your cards if you want me to try to get it to him through the police .  Let me know your thoughts on this . Lets keep it Covid style.  Stay in your car ..drop the card in the bin . We aren’t allowed big gatherings and i don’t want any trouble 👍👍 

I knew I had to send my own good wishes. I went to the store and bought a stuffed animal: a dragon, which symbolizes bravery. On the card, I wrote that dragons are brave, as is he, and that all we want for him is to recover fully. I added my prayers for his health, and signed the card.

Putting it into a gift bag, I drove over to the parking lot, where I saw a group of people outside their cars. I got out of mine (wearing my mask, as they were too), and asked who was Angela. She identified herself, and I did the same. As I’m fairly prolific on the page, she recognized my name. She introduced me to her daughter, who had been driving in front of her that night and stopped traffic.

We talked at length. As soon as I began to praise them both as heroes, I got choked up. Angela told me her daughter had talked to the boy while she went to get the police. Her daughter kept talking to him to tell him he would be okay, and even though he couldn’t speak, I am positive (as I told Angela) that he knew he was now safe with people who cared.

As he is a minor, and it is an ongoing case, nothing can be reported to the public, or even Angela and her daughter. But the police are keeping her informed as to how the boy is doing.

I walked over to the bin where she was collecting well wishes. It was already beginning to fill up. As I stood there, many others began to arrive to contribute. One woman brought a card and a Tim Horton’s gift card. Others brought cards. Others, gift bags. But to a person, tears were shed.

Angela said that cards could not be sealed. There is strict protocol in place; the police will be reading all the cards in case there is vigilantism in play. She was going to bring everything to Station 4 and it would then be delivered to the hospital.

Sign posted where donations were being gathered; it will be delivered with the gifts and cards
The bin beginning to fill up

I took photos of our two local heroes as well, but will not post them publicly, as I promised them. I just needed to be able to look at the faces of true humanity.

I miss hugs in this age of COVID and told them both that I would have hugged them both – tightly. I left the parking lot after having exchanged “air hugs” with Angela and her daughter instead.

This is a horrific incident, no matter where, when, or to whom it happens. Hitting close to home (both literally and figuratively) makes it that much more chilling.

However, I would not have been able to stay away from sending my wishes to an unnamed boy who may be fighting for his life, and who will forever struggle with the emotional scars of this trauma.

If I could, I would have personally reached out to the family, though for his own privacy and protection, that could never happen.

Instead, Angela’s daughter will be our proxy. We were told that she wrote, in her card to the boy, that she will always be there for him. Should he need to talk, she provided her contact information. Should he ever feel frightened, she promised she will be there even if it is to walk him to school. I don’t know what she does in life, but she is a true heroine whose humanity and compassion will be what improves this world, one person at a time.

It is hard for me to write this post, still blinking back tears of overwhelming emotions.

I had to come home and immediately write about this incredible happening in my neighborhood.

Because when it all comes down to the important issues, humanity is key. Compassion and outreach are what this world needs most of all. And as I drove away from the busy parking lot I had just left, I said aloud, “that is true humanity. And that’s all that matters.”

If you pray, please keep this boy in your hearts. I will post updates as we get them. Angela has promised to provide any updates she gets.

And keep Angela and her daughter in your prayers too; they are beautiful humans and we need more of them.

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