Thematic Photograph: “Orange”

Well, this week’s Thematic Photography is orange and though I didn’t have anything to enter into the mix earlier, today I do.

We love clementines – when the little orange-tangerines come out in the autumn, we go through crates at a time. I’ve always had a quirky ability to peel them in one piece, and recently showed Sam how I do that. Now, I find myself sought out to peel his every one, and of course, he has 3 or 4 at a time!

The minute I peeled this one, I knew I had to do something with it. I looked at Sam, and said, “Ooooooh….let’s pull a Carmi!” He said, “I was JUST thinking that!!” We went into the kitchen, the black surface of the stove worked as a perfect background, and the results are here. His idea was to pose the peel and the peeled together.


2 thoughts on “Thematic Photograph: “Orange”

  1. I love this photo – as much for the final result as for the process that resulted in its creation. It's got a real inside-outside feel to it, and reflects my belief that great photography happens anywhere and anytime the opportunities present themselves.

    The key, as you and Sam know so well, is to recognize when that happens, and just roll with it.

    Beautiful. Photography AND moment.

    Mind you, now your peeling secret is out, but that's a discussion for another day 🙂

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