Too soon?

comedy and tragedy masks

All day on Facebook, I have seen a now-viral image of “Gilligan’s Island” photoshopped with the Malaysian airliner that has disappeared. It has made the rounds several times and I’m pretty sure it’s on Twitter as well.

I’ve commented on a few threads. I believe, personally, that “too soon?” is a question never to be asked in the face of loss of life, or just plain never knowing. And I don’t believe we should be joking about this situation – or others that are similar. Here are my thoughts:

We have no idea where the plane is. And while I recognize that is the whole idea behind the photo, it cuts into the mystery, and does not take into consideration the anguish the family members, friends and acquaintances of the missing must be feeling.

If indeed the family members are on social media these days, this has to destroy them even further. If they are not, it is likely their friends and acquaintances are.

So I have to ask myself, if – heaven forbid –  anyone who has posted this picture, laughed about it, made fun of the mystery or made light of this situation experienced a similar tragedy (because a missing plane with 239 people is a tragedy no matter how this turns out), would they feel it’s okay to post something that blatantly makes light of their loved one’s disappearance?

I wouldn’t. It would add to the devastation already being experienced. It would not only hurt me, it would infuriate me.

There is nothing funny about this situation. I am guilty of having made a reference to “Lost” but not in jest, only in stark comparison. I have not joked, speculated, or passed along unconfirmed items on social media. I don’t believe in using the fear and anguish of others to further my reputation on Facebook or get a few laughs.

Why is it no one makes light of 9/11?

Why is it no one makes jokes about children found dead of abuse?

Why do we find it acceptable to make light of almost every other tragedy? Is it because no one who has posted these attempts at humor is directly connected to a victim of the airliner’s disappearance? What if you were?

This is my own personal opinion. These are my thoughts.

I welcome yours.

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