About me

I hold a B.A. Specialization in Early Childhood Education, and taught at the pre-kindergarten level for 7 years after graduation. Staying home to raise my two boys, I learned HTML, digital graphics, and spent another 7.5 years interviewing Holocaust survivors.

When my kids were 8 and 11 years old, I returned to school and obtained my Masters degree in Educational Technology. My thesis title is “Awareness Before Action: Addressing Cyberbullying Via Educating The Educators” and I took on cyberbullying as an issue very close to my heart.

In the time since graduation, I have established myself as a cyberbullying awareness educator, and have spoken to schools, trained day camp staff, and I speak to student teachers every semester at Concordia University.

I returned to Concordia, and am completing my Graduate Diploma in Journalism. I have submitted an application for the Masters degree: Digital Innovation in Journalism Studies, and am hoping to continue my research next year.

These pages hold some of my blogging experiences, some sports writing (much of it opinion), political posts, cyberbullying issues, and feature stories I have written along the way. I hope to be able to continue populating this site with more reporting, and will actively keep adding to the pages in existence.